Thirteen years of graphic design experience with five years web design has taught me that good design balances form and function. Whether you are designing a brochure, an ad or a web site you must never loss sight of the purpose of the design.

I have solid experience in all aspects of the design process from working with clients on the initial concepts through developing the final design to delivering a final print product or launching a new web site.

Over the last year I have specialized in developing web sites using the open-source content management system, Drupal, but I have experience with Wordpress, Joomla and Typo3. Using open-source solutions allows me to offer clients robust and extensible web sites without the constraints of a proprietary system.

There are many designers that can design a pretty page. Not only can I design a visually pleasing site that is important to establishing a professional presence on the web, I have a strong understanding of the code that underlies the site and strive to write code that is standards-based. Solid coding practices reduce cross-browser rendering issues and make sure that the site is delivered to your visitors the way it's designed. I bring a strong understanding of all aspects of building an effective web site: engaging visual design while keeping image size optimal for the quickest possible page loads, clean easy-to-understand site structure and navigation, the importance of optimizing the site to improve site engine results, marketing the web site to drive and build traffic to the site and the necessity of testing the site's design on multiple platforms and browsers ensure that the site will always be viewed properly.